Welcome to our website!


We are The Grassroots Texans Network, a statewide network of hardworking Texans dedicated to the advancement of fundamental 


American principles such as

limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, the rule of law and American sovereignty.


Our mission is to advance our core principles by informing our fellow Texans on the issues and working to actively engage them in the political process.


We are not an organization, coalition or alliance, but rather a network of Texans working individually toward common goals.  We research, inform, strategize, train, petition, rally, walk, call and just basically do whatever it takes to stand up and fight for the core American values we believe in.


If you share our values and believe in our mission, you are invited to join our email list.


Whether you join our list or not, you are more than welcome to browse our blog and check out our statewide events calendar.  You are also encouraged to contact a local group in your area to get involved locally!


For the cause of liberty,


- The Grassroots Texans Team